Let's make Christmas a celebration of light and hope for everyone


Christmas is first and foremost a holiday for children, and every child should have the opportunity to experience the wonder of Christmas. However, in low-income families with children the general rise in prices has caused a lack of even the most basic things. A Christmas meal is not a certainty for everyone, but we can influence this.

That’s why we’re participating in the Good Holiday Spirit fundraiser again this year, and we’re inviting our partners and our industry to join in the fundraiser, the goal of which is 1.5 million euros that will be given as food gift cards for 21,000 low-income families with children. Donations can be made until Christmas Eve, and there is no minimum limit to the donation amount.

Join in and give the gift of Christmas spirit!

The Good Holiday Spirit fundraiser is organized for the 26th time, and with it, a 70 euro gift card is donated to low-income families living in Finland. The fundraiser starts in November and continues until Christmas Eve. The fundraiser is organized by the Mannerheim League for Child Welfare, the Finnish Red Cross, and Yle.