Laser welding is the key to many of the superior features of ETS NORD canopies


The HACCP International food safety certification awarded to ETS NORD canopies is largely due to the laser-welded construction of the canopies. With laser welding, the seams of the canopy structure are made so precisely that they are perfectly smooth. Nothing extra sticks to the seam, and cleaning and maintaining the hygiene of the canopy is easy.

The laser-welded construction also enables several other good features, including the modular design of the canopies, which allows the canopy to be adapted to changes in ventilation needs: the length and efficiency of the canopy can be increased with additional components.

The aSAP solution enables the canopies to be assembled on site. The aSAP solution also makes the canopies easy to dismantle and move to a new property. ETS NORD’s aSAP solution is a smart and new way to think about canopies: no longer a disposable canopy sized for a specific kitchen and a specific property, but an investment that lives with the changes in the kitchen.

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Marcus Hintze

Export sales manager, NORDcanopy