Kakola Spa is protected against corrosion by Magnelis® coated ventilation ducts


Kakolanmäki is the trendiest area in Turku right now. Kakolamäki is already home to the Kakolanruusu restaurant, Hotel Kakola and a brewery in the old Kakola kitchen. In addition, a new pampering centre, the Kakola Spa, is under construction in the Kakola courtyard. The Kakola Spa is investing in a wide range of wellness services, including a sauna world, various wellness showers and pools, and many different treatments. The Kakola Spa is located entirely underground and its roof also serves as a surface for the play and lounge areas in the inner courtyard.

The ventilation ducts and duct components for Kakola Spa were purchased from ETS NORD. The ducts are processed with Magnelis® coating, which provides protection for surfaces exposed to challenging conditions. Magnelis® is a protective coating for steel plates with a sufficient magnesium content to significantly increase the durability of the protection. The corrosion resistance of the coating is three times better than galvanised steel.

Peter Lausmäki, site manager at Rakennuspalvelu Lausmäki Oy, says that the excellent properties of Magnelis® coating made ETS NORD’s ventilation ducts and duct components a very viable option, but the choice was not a foregone conclusion. Magnelis® coating has already been used in a few indoor swimming pools in Finland, but Lausmäki was concerned about the lack of experience with the material. – We carefully investigated the backgrounds and possible complaints from these previous sites,” he says.

– Everything was in place, and the choice of ETS NORD ducts and Magnelis® material was ultimately determined by three factors: cost, workability and availability.

Magnelis® is significantly cheaper than other materials with comparable corrosion resistance. – Its workability matches that of a conventional ventilation duct – and we also received confirmation from the duct installers that this is indeed the case,” confirms Lausmäki. – ETS NORD was also able to guarantee the availability of material, which is even more important today,” says Lausmäki.

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Kadi Alber

Head of Product Management, NORDduct, NORDsilencer, NORDexternal, NORDdoor, NORDdiffuser, NORDdamper & NORDgrille