Finnish Recair air handling units can be used in many ways


There are many options for the ETS NORD Recair air handling units. Our wide range is due to the fact that production is strictly in our own hands; Recair air handling units are manufactured and assembled at our factory in Honkanummi, Vantaa. We are able to manufacture units in a variety of widths and heights, with freely customizable block limits and using component options from several different suppliers. With a wide range of unit sizes and components, the optimization of technical performance is guaranteed.

Should we put together a package for you?

Recair air handling units are available as both modular and compact units. The airflow range of modular units is 0.3-10 m³ / s and that of compact units 0.3-4 m³ / s. You can see the different airflow ranges with given width and height dimensions here.

Renovation projects as the challenge – Recair as the solution

Recair air handling units have proven to be a functional solution, especially in difficult renovation projects where the dimensioning of the premises is predetermined. Large Recair air handling units have been hauled along very demanding routes to the mechanical room. The block limits of the unit can be increased and the largest blocks disassembled. In this way, units can be hauled from even small openings and large blocks can be assembled on site.

Contact your local Recair salesman and ask more about our solutions

Matti Luoma

Sales, Southern Finland

Jyrki Niemelä

Sales, Southern Finland

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Sales, Tampere Region, Central and Western Finland

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Sales, Northern, Central and Eastern Finland