ETS NORD to solidify its smoke control expertise


ETS NORD to acquire the business of Suomen Ilmastointitukku Oy, the ventilation products marketer and dealer.

The acquisition further strengthens the position of the ventilation products manufacturer and dealer ETS NORD Group in the Finnish and Baltic markets. The smoke control system products of Suomen Ilmastointitukku aptly complement the current product range of ETS NORD.

– We truly appreciate the expertise and experience of Suomen Ilmastointitukku Oy in the smoke channel and smoke fan systems, says ETS NORD country manager for Finland Jari Lehtonen. – Our Smoke Solutions unit will be reinforced on account of this acquisition so that we will be able to offer our customers a more complete range of smoke control products and systems, Lehtonen continues.

The acquisition will lead to the transfer of the representation of the following companies to ETS NORD: Aldes, Airtecnics (e.g. door curtains), Exhausto, Exodraft (fume and fireplace vacuums), Helios and Novenco (directional pressure and tunnel fans) as well as Verano.

During its history of more than 20 years, the ETS NORD Group has grown organically, but in recent years it has also grown increasingly by means of acquisitions. Early in 2020, ETS NORD bought the business of the installation and mounting equipment importer Test-Air Oy, and in 2018 it acquired the Finnish company Recair Oy as well as the Danish ventilation systems manufacturer KH Vent.

The acquisition supports the ETS NORD objective of being one of the leading ventilation product manufacturers and operators in the Nordic countries.

Further information:

Jari Lehtonen

Country Manager
Phone +358 40 5042 709

Seppo Putkonen

CEO, founder
Phone +358 500 460 715

ETS NORD Group manufactures, sells and markets ventilation products and systems in Finland, Estonia, Denmark and Sweden. ETS NORD was founded in 1998 and had a turnover of EUR 47 million in 2019.

Suomen Ilmastointitukku was founded in 2004. It markets and sells ventilation products and represents a comprehensive range of brands by different companies. The company had a turnover of EUR 1.77 Million in 2019.