ETS NORD enters the age of Revit


The Revit design program, used in building design, is well on track to overthrow AutoCAD. ETS NORD’s kitchen ventilation design program was released last autumn as MagiCAD for AutoCAD, and now it has also been made into a MagiCAD for Revit version.

Although the AutoCAD design program is still widely used in the Nordic and Baltic countries, Revit is growing fast. In Sweden, Revit has quickly become more common than in Finland, while in Finland architects have been on the front line of implementation. Timo Olesk, Director of Product Development at ETS NORD, believes that Revit could be the main program used by Finnish construction and building-engineering companies in three years.

“ETS NORD has operations not only in Finland and Estonia, but also in Sweden and Denmark, so the investment in the Revit program was a very natural solution for us,” says Olesk. “Thanks to Revit, we can better serve the designers of building-technology systems and, of course, to improve our chances of being involved in projects, when our products are also available in Revit software,” Timo Olesk continues.

MagiCAD brings building-technical content to the basic functionalities of AutoCAD and Revit: building-technical computing, plenty of modelling features that speed up design, and products from equipment manufacturers of building technology. In addition, MagiCAD offers OEM-specific selection tools that make it easier to choose devices and make design smoother.

“MagiCAD’s selection tools bring added value to building-technology design. Customer-tailored selection tools can be developed according to the needs of the customers to reach designers who do not have MagiCAD at their disposal,” says MagiCAD’s Account Manager, Sanna Kartano.