ETS NORD canopies transform into the needs of a professional kitchen – now they can also be found on a double-decker restaurant bus


The dream of the chef of Olde Hansa restaurant and coach of the Bocuse d’Or Estonian team, Emmanuel Wille, to open his very own restaurant in Estonia, will finally come true in 2022, when doors of the Chef`s Manu DoubleDecker restaurant will be opened to customers.

The dark green double-decker restaurant bus sits in an idyllic location in the village of Ruu, in Northern Estonia near the Jägala waterfall.

Right here, in the immediate vicinity of his home, Manu, who has been a chef in Estonia for an incredible 26 years, decided to carry out his dream.

The double-decker originating from England, was largely adjusted for the restaurant use by Manu’s family itself. In a restaurant created on a relatively small area, where an open professional kitchen is on the first floor and dining room on the second floor, it is essential to pay attention to the kitchen ventilation. This is where the hard-working team of ETS NORD reached out to Manu – to ensure the supply of fresh air and the extraction of emissions from the kitchen.

ETS NORD designed the ventilation system and installed a canopy suitable for professional kitchens. Now it is possible to cook with the Big Green Egg kamado grill in the first floor kitchen, without the guests on the second floor having to feel uncomfortable. High-quality ventilation allows the chef to spend hours by the grill, even in the summer heat, without having one’s mind overheat or the quality of food suffer.

After installing the canopies, Manu invited ETS NORD staff to test the restaurant. The atmosphere was great, the view from the second floor over the nature sinking into the mist was wondrous and the symbiosis of the best raw materials with home-grown vegetables and herbs worked perfectly, just like the kitchen ventilation.