ETS NORD AS has expanded to the Middle East


After two years of preliminary work and the successful restaurant project of the Estonian Pavilion “Taste Estonia” at the EXPO 2020 World Exhibition, ETS NORD Ventilation Manufacturing LLC has launched a kitchen ventilation assembly factory in Dubai Industrial City.

The factory is strategically located between the Jebel Ali Port container terminal and the EXPO Business Town. 45 km from the centre of Dubai and 75 km from the UAE capital Abu Dhabi.

The products are shipped in full containers from our factories in Tallinn and Vantaa in aSAP modules by sea through the Suez Canal to the Dubai warehouse, where the equipment is assembled according to the project specifications.

This solution allows us to offer a flexible design service and the extremely fast delivery of the highest quality equipment and gives us a competitive advantage over those who manufacture their solutions in Malaysia and Europe.

The perfectly smooth structure of the laser welded ETS NORD canopies meets the very demanding hygiene goals of professional kitchens. The HACCP International certificate for kitchen canopies in the NORDcanopy product group has proved to be a significant competitive advantage in the Middle East market. The certification has opened the door for ETS NORD to major projects in a new market area. HACCP International – certificate may be issued to manufacturers whose certified non-food products are used in the food industry.

ETS NORD’s Middle East subsidiary has already delivered equipment to five local restaurants and about a dozen more solutions are in the pipeline in Dubai. In addition, projects are under way in Abu Dhabi, Oman and Saudi Arabia.

One of our happy customers, owner and manager of Rokfort Kitchens, Rabih Omran, expressed his gratitude to the ETS NORD team.

“The ETS NORD aSAP solution is extremely powerful in terms of its quality and modular solution. We won the trust of the Accor Hotel Group because we were able to keep up with these kitchen layout changes at the Dubai Pullmann Hotel just a week before the equipment was installed.

ETS NORD simply reassembled the necessary modules and delivered the newly configured equipment to the site on time at no additional cost!”

The ventilation market for restaurants and the food industry in the Middle East is growing rapidly, according to KPMG’s latest market analysis, up to 7.5% per year. This is 1.5 times the world average growth rate.

ETS NORD Ventilation Manufacturing LLC plans to reach 5 million AED in sales this year. Over the next three years, we plan to grow 100% per year.