Energy efficiency and air as needed with a compact airflow controller


The airflow controller guarantees adequate ventilation by reacting to changes in pressure differences in just a few minutes. When the ventilation system reacts quickly and automatically adjusts its operating power according to the situation, it significantly saves the energy needed for ventilation.

ETS NORD’s airflow controllers ensure excellent ventilation of premises in an energy-efficient manner. In our NORDdamper product range, several options are available for airflow control: RPM-LV, RPM-V, and RMPC-V.

RPM-LV – the right choice for tight spaces

RPM-LV is a compact and accurate airflow controller that fits in tight spaces and does not require a protective distance. Installing, for example, on a 90 mm curve is easy. RPM-LV’s measurement accuracy is excellent, and it can be connected to work with the Bacnet/Modbus system.

RPM-V & RPMC-V – reliable basic products for air volume control

A reliable basic product for constant airflow is the RPM-V round air volume control device, which can be installed in easily accessible places in no time. RPMC-V, designed for rectangular ducts, works for variable or constant airflow. Both products are also Bacnet/Modbus compatible.

Discover the NORDdamper product group, which offers a comprehensive selection of airflow control and regulating dampers, as well as measuring devices.

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