Did you know this about ETS NORD?


-We have over 23 years of experience in the ventilation industry.

-We have six employees who have worked at ETS NORD for over twenty years.

-We have more than 500 products in our selection.

-90% of our products are made in our own production.

-The total number of employees in our company is almost 450 and it’s constantly growing.

-Our company’s Christmas present this year is a donation for the Good Holiday Spirit campaign.

-ETS NORD offers jobs and internships in several departments every year. This year, we have had the pleasure of welcoming many young people studying in various fields. After their internships, many students find employment at ETS NORD.

-ETS NORD is Scandinavia’s leading, fast-growing company specializing in innovative ventilation solutions. We are at the forefront of creating a new and sustainable future for indoor comfort.

-During this year 110 new employees started working at ETS NORD.

-We operate in three countries: Estonia, Finland and Sweden. Each country has their own duct production.

-At the moment we are participating in the Dubai EXPO 2020. You can find our products also in the Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Spain, Latvia, Finland, Estonia, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Australia, and many other countries.

We are a reliable partner for our customers, from the design stage of the project to the installation and technical maintenance of the products. To help designers, we have developed three different sizing and selection programs: AHUiQ, KITCHENiQ & SILENCERiQ (more to come!).

In 2019 the Association for Finnish Work awarded the Key Flag symbol for the Recair air handling units. The symbol is a recognition of the Finnish origin of the product and service and the product’s effect on promoting Finnish work.

-Our product development is based on research results, solid experience, and new innovations. We constantly meet the needs of our customers.

-Our product development department employs 30 people, and the number is constantly growing.

-‘’Best HVAC webshop” (customer feedback 2020). Our Webshop in open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

-With carefully planned logistics arrangements, we can guarantee our customers accurate and fast delivery times.

-Our strength is in our dedicated employees working together towards the same goal. We show it by respecting different cultures and people, being polite and supporting each other. We take care of our partners – customers, suppliers, employees, shareholders and the community.

-We organize all kinds of nice events for our customers and partners, as well as employees. It is important for us that everyone gets to know each other and has a nice time together. The latest inspiring activity has been padel, which is played a few times a week after work.

-Our employees are our most valuable resource. Competence, motivation, and commitment are vitally important both in our contact with customers and for creating a good and safe working environment. Our company has many talents and professionals in their field. The skills of each individual are taken into account, and everyone is given the opportunity to grow and learn.

-Happiness is having great co-workers! There are so many of us but the thing we have in common is the appreciation of a good work atmosphere. We encourage and value each other.

-We believe that success is driven by continuous progress of our people and organization. Thinking outside the box, we provide our partners value, quality, and innovative products. Every step that we take in developing our business is guided by the ETS NORD Values:

  • Partnership
  • Sustainability
  • Excellence