Design and implementation of professional kitchens in the pipeline?


ETS NORD’s professional kitchen ventilation solutions cover the entire process from start to finish. Our comprehensive service guides and directs the design and implementation of commercial kitchen ventilation from the very beginning to implementation and commissioning after which a service team will ensure that alarms and situations requiring maintenance are dealt with quickly. Here’s how it works:

Design: making dreams come true

When planning the implementation of a professional kitchen, you are helped by our smart sizing program for professional kitchen canopies, KITCHENiQ , which guides the design in many ways. The program is updated frequently, and the latest version is always available to the designer without a separate software update.

For more challenging solutions in professional kitchen ventilation, you can use our design service, for whom clean kitchen air is a matter of honor. If you’re wondering what kind of canopy solution would provide the best ventilation, or if it’s a new kitchen in an old building or a major restaurant concept change in a challenging space, our experienced team of experts is ready to take on the challenge. Send us a floor plan of the kitchen and its equipment, as well as the desired technical specifications. Our design team will provide you with an offer in which the solutions chosen for implementation are always well-founded.

Installation team: a functional whole from pieces of the puzzle

If you are implementing ventilation in a professional kitchen for the first time with ETS NORD canopy solutions, we always provide installation guidance to walk you through the correct installation, and also to ensure that the optimum characteristics of our canopies are achieved.

The practical implementation of kitchen ventilation – assembling and installing the canopies, even in challenging conditions – is handled by our professional installation team, who are experts at putting all the pieces in place

Commissioning: ready for confirmation

When the implementation of the professional kitchen is at the point where the canopies are in place and all the machines are connected, our task force arrives to carry out the commissioning inspection. The whole process is gone through testing that the ozonator canopy cleaning systems are working properly, ensuring a working connection between the kitchen and the building automation, and safety testing by going through an alarm situation and its proper operation. The whole process is verified before the handover.

User guidance: good ventilation and clean canopies in the future as well

After the kitchen has been in operation for some time (about 3-4 weeks), we will provide training for the professional kitchen staff. We will explain on-site how the canopy works, how to use them, and how to clean them daily. With the user guide, we ensure that the kitchen staff can make the best possible use of our canopies so that the end result is a first-class kitchen and restaurant ventilation. We take care of staff ergonomics by teaching them how to use the Helping Hand filter tool and how to clean grease filters properly. At the end of the user training, we leave laminated user manuals for staff, condensed into a couple of A4 sheets.

Maintenance: Care is taken to ensure operational reliability

Any alarms are picked up by our maintenance team, who can be quickly contacted by property maintenance. Our service technicians, who have seen many different types of kitchens, do not get flustered but deal with even the most unexpected problems with calm patience and a strong routine.

For questions on ventilation in professional kitchens, please contact

Marcus Hintze

Export sales manager, NORDcanopy

Ann-Riin Ridbeck

Design Service Manager