Customized airflow with the RPM-LV VAV damper


A compact and accurate flow controller fits in tight spaces, no safety distance is needed, and it is Bacnet/Modbus compatible.

The flow controller RPM-LV is probably quite close to a designer’s dream, Product group manager Kadi Alber says. – It accommodates such a collection of good features.

The flow controller always ensures the necessary ventilation by reacting to pressure change differences in just a few minutes. Energy is saved when the ventilation system reacts quickly and always adjusts its operating power automatically depending on the situation. – The measurement accuracy of the RPM-LV is excellent, and it can be connected to operate with the Bacnet / Modbus system, Alber says.

For the designer and the building user, energy savings and ease of use are important features, but RPM-LV also considers installability.

RPM-LV is one of the smallest on the market, and thanks to its size, it is easy to install in difficult and tight places. – Installing even on a 90 degree curve is no longer a big deal, Alber says.

RPM-LV flow controller

  • An excellent measurement accuracy, reacts quickly to pressure differences
  • Bacnet/Modbus compatible
  • One of the smallest ones on the market, fits easily into tight spaces