Better fire safety through smoke control


ETS NORD’s comprehensive smoke control solution is a comprehensive security system for a wide variety of properties and the most challenging sites.

The smoke control solution is a separate security system designed to ensure controlled smoke extraction from all types of premises, thus securing people leaving the site, protecting against property damage, and facilitating the work of the fire department.

ETS NORD’s comprehensive smoke control solutions and wide product range ensure that the most suitable and correctly dimensioned smoke control system with all its components is always available. All our products are CE marked and of course, meet the requirements of the standards set for them.

The smoke control system must always be designed on a case-by-case basis and the equipment connected to the system must be dimensioned to match the plans. The requirements of the systems can be very different – for example, the needs of a tire hotel and a sports hall are very different. ETS NORD’s experts have experience in a wide range of spaces and needs, and we have designed and implemented smoke control systems for residential buildings, car parks and industrial buildings. We advise you to get in touch at the planning stage and take advantage of our expertise. 

Ask our experts for help in choosing the best smoke control solution. We can also help you with installation and maintenance:

Jarkko Lahti

Sales Manager

NORDfan and air curtains

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Product Group Manager,