Always good indoor air – ventilation reacts quickly as needed with the NORDdamper products


Mechanical ventilation must quickly adapt to changes in the indoor air. It is clear that it does not make sense to use the ventilation at full power in a half-empty space. On the other hand, where enhanced ventilation is needed, it is essential that the ventilation reacts quickly to increased carbon dioxide concentrations, pollutants, or humidity. 

The NORDdamper product group has a solution for all possible airflow control and measurement needs: our selection includes air regulation dampers as well as measuring devices for both new buildings and renovation projects.

The products of the NORDdamper product group are used to close ventilation ducts, regulate, and measure the air volume in ventilation systems. The product group includes both manual and motorized options. We make standard products from hot-dip galvanized steel, but special materials are available. Magnelis® is an exceptional metallic steel coating providing surface protection in a variety of applications against long-term wear and tear. Its corrosion resistance is three times better than galvanized steel.

For example, the NORDdamper range covers a selection of control dampers for every output: