CEILINGiQ dimensioning program

The best help for designing professional ventilated ceilings!

CEILINGiQ is a MagiCAD Connect feature, that allows you to design ventilated ceilings in kitchens, where canopies are simply not enough. The dimensioning program includes all necessary modules for allowing you to design an efficient ceiling, fully customizable and fitting your kitchen like a glove.

Design a restaurant kitchen ventilation ceiling yourself or contact ETS NORD design service to have it calculated for you free of charge!

The dimensioning program can be found in MagiCAD Connect for Revit or just MagiCAD Connect. You will always have the latest version of the program and you won’t have to worry about updates.

We are constantly creating new solutions suitable for professional kitchens!

For more information contact our specialist

Ann-Riin Ridbeck

Design Service Manager