Scandinavian Shopping Centre
A long-awaited large shopping center, Scandinavian Shopping Center, is nearing completion in Virolahti in autumn 2020 and is expected to bring a lot of new business to the area. The tight schedule of Scandinavian Shopping Centre's HVAC contractor is facilitated by ETS NORD's combination products that are quick to install.
New Children’s Hospital
Helsinki, Finland
The New Children's Hospital was built in Helsinki, in 2014-2018. The hospital was introduced in stages at the end of 2018, and it was awarded with the Finland prize of architecture in the first year. ETS NORD supplied the Children's Hospital with NORDduct ventilation ducts and parts, snow- and external louvres, regulating dampers, maintenance doors and acid-resistant ventilation ducts and parts.
Science Center Heureka
Vantaa, Finland
Science Center Heureka is the largest and most popular science center in Finland and the destination for countless excursions in springtime. The two-floor extension work included for example exhibition, laboratory and office spaces. The science center was operative during the whole extension project. The engine room for ventilation is located on the roof, as the third floor of the extension, where they placed Recair's air handling units with fan walls.
Jyväskylä’s Kangas
Jyväskylä, Finland
Jyväskylä's Kangas is an ecological district near the city center, in the area of a former paper mill, and the most significant regional development project in the city of Jyväskylä. They are developing a “resource-wise” and cybersafe smart city district in cooperation with educational institutions and companies. ETS NORD was selected as the supplier for ventilation terminals, duct solutions, dampers, and ventilation machines.
Siltasairaala Hospital
Helsinki, Finland
A very narrow construction site right next to a functioning hospital and a strict construction schedule pose challenge for the Siltasairaala hospital's construction site. The foundation stone of the construction project, the size of three parliamentary houses, was laid in early 2018. The building is scheduled for completion by 2022. Bravida Finland is responsible for the ventilation of the ST section in the hospital and ended up choosing ETS NORD's products.  
Kuopio, Finland
Kuntolaakso in Kuopio relies on the corrosion proof Magnelis® material. Kuntolaakso is not only the home hall of KalPa, the football team from Kuopio, but also an extensive construction and repair project that covers swimming pools and ice rinks, as well as parking services. The project started in spring 2018 and it will finish during 2020. ETS NORD's supplied Kuntolaakso with Magnelis® material parts, which is corrosion proof but clearly more affordable than stainless steel.
Shopping Center Willa
Hyvinkää, Finland
Willa Shopping Center is the center of modern fashion, complemented by a diverse restaurant world. ETS NORD has supplied large scale of different ventilation ducts, NORDcanopy kitchen ventilation equipment and NORDexternal snow shields to the shopping center.
Hospital Nova
Jyväskylä, Finland
The Central Finland Hospital Nova is the first central hospital built in the 21st century. The project is the largest public project in Central Finland ever - the hospital is the size of four Helsinki's main railway stations. The total value of the hospital investment is approximately 490 million euros. ETS NORD supplies the Central Finland Hospital Nova with the automation system for ETS Control fire dampers. There is total of 2 330 fire and smoke dampers in twelve different hospital blocks.
Kuopio Music Center
Kuopio, Finland
Kuopio Music Center is one of Finland's most significant concert halls, home for three art schools and a congress center. The house was built in 1985 and renovated during 2018, when, among other things, the house’s outdated ventilation system was renewed. The ventilation system of the Kuopio Music Center was implemented with Recair air handling units. There were 23 units placed in the house, assembled and installed on site.
Ideapark Seinäjoki
Seinäjoki, Finland
Ideapark Seinäjoki was built in a year and a half in 2018-2019. It was a demanding project. With a contract of 65 million, it has been one of the largest construction projects in the entire history of the Finnish construction company Lehto Group. ETS NORD has been a big factor in Ideapark Seinäjoki's ventilation solutions and delivered for example round duct parts, regulating dampers, kitchen hoods, Recair air handling units, fire- and smoke dampers to the premises.  
Social Food Street Burgerjoint
Helsinki, Finland
Restaurant called Social Food Street Burgerjoint launched their first burger place in Helsinki. The facilities had to be improved before moving it. ETS NORD delivered a new kitchen hood, exhaust air module and ozonator module to the restaurant. Now the air conditioning works flawlessly and it is easy to breathe in the kitchen.
Lohja Hospital
Lohja, Finland
The ventilation for the MRI department of the Lohja Hospital will be carried out with Recair air handling units. The air handling unit placed in the premises of the hospital will be delivered as a package machine delivery. The package machine is equipped with a control center, and it is modified into a hygiene machine that meets the hospital level requirements.
ABB office and factory
Great Guild Hall
Seaplane Harbour
Kumu Art Museum
Tallinn TV Tower