Equipment options


No equipment
The delivery of the machine does not include the controller, electrical panel, automation components (temperature sensors, differential pressure transmitters, etc.) or their cabling. The machine does not have a pre-installed switchboard housing.

Electric switchboard
The machine is equipped with an electrical switchboard that contains the power supply components required by the machine’s electrical needs, such as circuit breakers and motor-circuit switches. The fans and other electrical equipment installed in the machine are wired and connected at the factory to the machine’s electrical center. The delivery of the machine does not include the air handling unit controller, automation components or their wiring and connection.

Electric switchboard with RAU components
The equipment includes the buildup of the electrical switchboard. In addition, the machine is installed with automation components supplied by a RAU contractor. The components are wired and connected to the machine’s electrical center terminal blocks. The equipment does not include programming.

Electrical and control equipment center
The machine with electrical and control equipment includes automation components installed in the ventilation unit, wired and connected, an electrical center and a pre-programmed controller. The operation of the machine’s automation has been tested at the factory.

Ouman Ouflex
Ouman Ouflex is a freely programmable automation system. Display unit is detachable, and can be relocated. It is possible to increase the number of I/O-points with external I/O-modules via bus connections.

Data transfer connections:


  • Modbus RTU (master)
  • Modbus TCP / IP (slave)


  • GSM modem (GSMMOD6)

Additional service available

  • Ounet

Siemen Climatix
Climatix is suitable for controlling and regulating air handling units without a block defrost function. The controller is parameterized on the operator terminal (or computer). All controller settings can be easily saved to an SD memory card, from where they can be transferred back to the controller if required. The controller can be expanded with I / O modules. The operator terminal of the device can be moved away from the ventilation unit via the bus.

Data transfer connections:


  • Modbus RTU (selectable master or slave)


  • Modbus TCP / IP
  • Bacnet
  • LON
  • WEB

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