RVR Snow shield

Product code: RVR B x H x C

RVR snow shield is designed to protect supply air openings. Very good resistance to water and snow penetration.

The RVR snow shield is designed for protecting the air intake holes of ventilation systems preventing snow and water from getting into the building.
Snow shield is with labyrinth design and air intake is carried out also through the openings on both sides of the shield. Snow and water are efficiently separated from the air flow and drained through an openings in the bottom of the shield.
Snow shield is made of hot galvanized steel and the surface is finished with powder coating.
Can also be manufactured of stainless steel or acid-proof steel.

Width B 800-2000 mm (spacing 100 mm)
Height H 800-2000 mm
Depth C 200-500 mm
Material Zn, H, ZM
Color code RAL-color


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