Recair selection software

Recair selection software is a Windows-based professional sizing program, that makes it easy to design, dimension and select just the right machine for the project in the making. The software helps to compare machine options and inspect performance values at different operating points.

After selecting the machine, 2D or 3D images of the machines can be exported to CAD software. The device image from different projections or the 3D model can be exported in DXF format directly to AutoCAD.

The set includes Recair modular- and compact machines. The program consists of a device selection section, a dimensioning section and a printing section. Variables such as airflow, external pressures, desired post-heating and / or cooling mode, and desired handedness are entered when selecting the device.

Different materials you can print from the selection program are for example:

  • technical specifications
  • full dimension pictures
  • fan energy consumption values
  • (all documents can be printed in Finnish, English, Swedish or Russian)

Download and install the Recair 2018.5.1.msi installer. Windows Installer, 43 MB. Published 6/12/18. Installation requires administrator access.