HKTV Kitchen hood

Kitchen hood for air extraction. HKTV is empty hood (without grease filter). For grease eliminating from exhaust air can be install to the hood HKVM extraxtion module(s).

Type 1 – wall installation (suitable for HKVM-1 module)
1-2 – wall installation (suitable for HKVM-2 module)
2 – island installation (suitable for HKVM-2 module)
Length L 1000-3000 (increment 500 mm)
Width B HKTV-1: 1000…3000 (increment 100 mm)
HKTV-1-2: 1700…3000 (increment 100 mm)
HKTV-2: 2000-3000, island installation
Height 400, 550
Material AISI 304, surface finish 2K
Lighting VP – surface mounted L=600, L=1200
VI – integrated L=600, L=1200