HKTS Kitchen hood with supply air

Product code: HKTS L x B x H

Kitchen hood with supply air.
Supply air is fed into the room through the hood’s front panel and extra supply air nozzles in the operation area.

Type 1 – wall installation (suitable for
HKVM-1 module)
1-2 -wall installation (suitable for
HKVM-2 module)
2 – island installation (suitable for
HKVM-2 module)
Length L 1000-3000 (increment 500 mm)
Width B HKTS-1: 1000..3000 (increment
100 mm)
HKTS-1-2: 1700..3000 (increment
100 mm)
HKTS-2: 2000-3000, island
Height 400, 550
Material AISI 304, surface finish 2K
Lighting VP – surface mounted L=600, L=1200
VI – integrated L=600, L=1200
Front panel SPx1 (1x perforation density)
SPx2 (2x perforation density)
SPx3 (3x perforation density)