HR Grease canopy

The HR Kitchen Canopy ensures a clean, hygienic and comfortable work environment by removing pollutants, excessive heat and grease from your commercial kitchen operation. The same unit supplies fresh, replacement air into the room to provide ultimate worker comfort.

  • Replacement room air provided through front panel
  • High efficiency HFK centrifugal filters
  • Adjustable supply air for working area
  • Airflow measurement and adjusting unit
  • ”Turbo Grip” air intake system
Type HR – Canopy, 1 module in width
HR 2 – Canopy, 2 modules in width
HR-3 -3 moduls in width
Length L 600-2900 (increment 100 mm)
Width B HKR=900-1800 (increment 100 mm)
HKR-2=1800-3600 (increment 100 mm)
Height 400, 550
Material AISI 304, surface finish 2K
LED Lighting LED770 – L=769, 20W
LED1370 – L=1369, 37W
LED1670 – L=1669, 53W
Front panel
SPx0 – No Perforation, only “Turbo Grip”
SPx1 – Perforation pattern 1
SPx2 – Perforation pattern 2
SPx3 – Perforation pattern 3
SPxK – Perforation pattern on L/R side
SPxF – No Perforation