DPL Whirl diffuser

Product code: DPL

DPL/DPLS/DPLT whirl diffuser is suitable for ventilation of high spaces.
Adjustable blades allow you to adjust the flow pattern manually, electrically or as needed.

Whirl diffuser is suitable for heating when the blade angle is <45 ° or for cooling when the blade angle is> 45 °.
Blades can be adjusted manually, electrically or thermostatically.

Thanks to the adaptability, the product is well suited for changing environments in commercial and industrial construction.

  • Suitable for heating and cooling
  • Horizontal or vertical scatter pattern
  • High mixing ratio
  • Available with electric or thermostatic actuator
  • Can be installed freely or recessed in the ceiling
Size 200-630 mm
Model DPL – manual adjustment (blades can be adjusted separately)
DPLS – simultaneously with adjustable blades
DPLT – thermostatic whirl diffuser
 Color  White RAL 9003