Smoke control duct sections

NORDsmoke is a certified ventilation ducts product group for single compartment smoke extraction. It is used in a system to control the movement and/or containment of smoke and heat.
NORDsmoke -smoke control duct section achieves CE standard requirements.
NORDsmoke -ducts are in accordance with EN 13501 standard. Duct system has been tested for 600°C/2 hours (according to EN 1366-9). NORDsmoke -smoke extraction ducts are classified according to EN 13501-4 as follows:

  • Maximum negative pressure is -1500 Pa
  • Maximum positive pressure is +500 Pa
  • Resistance temperature is 600 °C for 120 minutes

Classification report of the fire resistance of a smoke extraction duct according to EN 13501-4:

E600 120 (ve – ho) S 1500

New KRS-T smoke extraction damper, MSK-T rectangular silencer and RSN exhaust air grille have been added to the NORDsmoke product group.