Smoke control duct sections

NORDsmoke is a certified ventilation ducts product group for single compartment smoke extraction. It is used in a system to control the movement and/or containment of smoke and heat.
ETS NORD NORDsmoke smoke control duct section achieves CE standard requirements.
NORDsmoke ducts are in accordance with EN 13501 standard. Duct system has been tested for 600°C/2 hours (according to EN 1366-9). NORDsmoke smoke extraction ducts are classified according to EN 13501-4 as follows:

  • Maximum negative pressure is -1500 Pa
  • Maximum positive pressure is +500 Pa
  • Resistance temperature is 600 °C for 120 minutes

Classification report of the fire resistance of a smoke extraction duct according to EN 13501-4:

E600 120 (ve – ho) S 1500