Air handling units

The Recair product group consists of modular- and compact air handling units. Modular series for airflows 0.3…10 m³/s (1080…36 000 m3/h) and compact units for 0.3…4 m³/s (1080…14400 m3/h). Smaller compact units are available with top connections for smaller unit footprint. All compact units are available with multiple different control options. Unit sizes are presented here.

Recair air handling units can be used in many different applications. For example: day care centers, schools, office and commercial buildings, shops and shopping centers, hotels, hospitals, nursing homes and apartment buildings.

You can easily select a suitable air handling unit with Recair selection software: download here.

Recair units have been produced in Finland since 1993. Our newest plant is in Vantaa in southern Finland. We pride ourselves in flexible, quick and on time deliveries. The units are available in variety of different height and width configurations. Components are available from multiple different high-quality vendors. Different options and possibilities are offered for hygienic execution or renovation projects. Components can be ATEX-classified or selected with special corrosion resistance.

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