ETS NORD raised to the 36th place in Äripäev’s ranking of industrial companies

– 05.01.2017
ETS NORD Mattila Same Hiie Lehtonen

From the left: Markku Mattila, Siiri Same, Urmas Hiie, Jari Lehtonen

The business newspaper Äripäev released the ranking of the 860 best industrial companies where ETS NORD has reached the 36th place. A year earlier the company was in the 244th place.
Daily newspaper Äripäev belongs to the Bonnier Business Press Group, which is the largest media group in the Nordic region.
ETS NORD AS is also included in Äripäev’s “Most Successful Estonian Companies” TOP 100 ranking and was ranked the 83th (a year before 329th).

The company’s sales revenue was 21.1 million EUR in 2015, with a net profit 2 million EUR. The turnover per employee was 120,403 and profit 12,165 euros. In 2016, the sales revenue of ETS NORD continued to grow.

Chairman of the Board: Urmas Hiie
Main owners: ETS Valduse OÜ 26,6%, Kentarius OÜ 23,3%
Revenue (2015): 21,191,000
Operating profit (2015): 2,141,000
Turnover per employee (2015): 120,403
Profit per employee (2015): 12,165

TOP 860: the best Estonian industrial companies. Methodology. The TOP rankings published in Äripäev at the end of December 2016 have been composed based on the economic indicators of the industrial companies in 2015. The ranking uses six financial indicators: turnover in 2015, operating profit in 2015, increase in turnover and profit of 2015, profitability and return on assets. All rankings of Äripäev are available at

Source: Äripäev 4.01.2017 and

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