ETS NORD invested in a new sheet processing center

– 29.06.2017


Since ETS NORD’s goal is to use the latest laser treatment, cutting, and automation technologies, the company bought from Finn-Power OY (member of the Prima Industrie Group) the next generation fully automatic sheet processing center. An investment of nearly 1 million euros will greatly increase the productivity and quality of the products.

Prima Power is one of the leading manufacturers of sheet metal processing machines and systems.
Their high-performance servo-electric sheet processing center is a versatile and efficient production line that provides integrated solutions for both punching and corner cutting. Additionally, the machine sorts the cut out metal parts and details into separate boxes and separates the scrap (waste). The parts thus produced can be directed to the next processing step without making secondary operations, ensuring cost-effective material handling. This treatment also gives a great advantage in the use of raw materials, thanks to the better possibility of placing the details (side-by-side).

According to Urmas Hiie, the Chairman of the Board of ETS NORD, the sorting of the details and the separation of wastes is a huge time winner, which is expected to double the production capacity of kitchen hoods and air diffusers.

Advantages of the new sheet processing center for ETS NORD:
• More capacity, quality and cost-efficiency
• Savings in raw materials
• Modular design (two alternative performance levels and possibility to add automation)
• Fully servo-electric – no hazardous oil waste
• Lower production and maintenance costs, low noise level
• Less use of energy (average power consumption 5 kW)
• Compliance with more sustainable production needs (Green Means® technology and knowhow)

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