ETS NORD Biking trip in Saaremaa

– 15.09.2017

Our company has a wonderful  tradition. Every year we gather together group of active customers and take them to the biking trip.

This year we explored Muhumaa and Estonias biggest island Saaremaa.
Our group of 25 was always accompanied by car.
So if a tire broke or refreshments were needed we had everything nearby and organized.

The weather was perfect throughout 3 days trip and we managed to visit many interesting places and sights.


Here´s just few of our stopovers:

Pädaste Manor – The earliest written history of Pädaste Manor dates back to 1566.
On the 25th of June of that year Fredrik II, King of Denmark handed the manor over to the von Knorr family in recognition of services rendered to the Danish Crown.

Oak on Orissaare stadium is unique not only in Estonia, but the entire world. The reason for this is a mighty oak standing in the middle of the stadium. While the stadium was being built, the Soviet technology could not beat the oak, and therefore, it was never uprooted. Today, everyone is so used to the ‘extra-player’ on the field that the tree is hardly noticed during games.

Pihtla brewery
Estonia’s oldest farmhouse style microbrewery is famous for traditional Saaremaa beer –
a cloudy and yeasty unpredictable drink


Kaali crater-  group of 9 meteorite craters in the village of Kaali.
One of the few impact events in the history, that has occurred in a populated area around 3,500 years ago.

Pähkla crayfish farming-  one of the biggest crayfish farms in Estonia. In the last few years young crayfish from that farm have been used as settlers in other farms around the country.




As a tradition our three day bicycle trip always ends with a joyful evening.

This year we wisited the 21st Kuressaare Maritime Festival at Raiekivi säär and Kuressaare beach where we had a BBQ dinner and had opportunity to see the concerts of great Estonian artists: legendary Anne Veski, the energetic Daniel Levi and of course the timeless Terminaator.